Crystal healing


You can choose from Mani’s exquisite range of spiritual jewellery, from crystal beads to healing stones. Her jewellery designs are unique and contemporary with intricate patterns and vibrant colours. She also incorporates chakra and Reiki symbols in her jewellery designs.

  • Feng Shui jewellery
  • Chakra jewellery
  • Pet charms
  • Crystal pendants, bracelets, and rings
  • Crystal beads
  • Semi-precious beads

    Mani is a designing specialist for many other accessories apart from jewellery. Whether it is gemstone accessories for Chakra healing or crystals for crystal healing, she can offer you something unique.


Mani can help you keep stress at bay with her healing gemstones and jewellery. Whether you want the healing stones to be strung together in a necklace or a bracelet, Mani can design and help identify the right gemstone for you. Crystal jewelry is not only fashionable but also has stress-relieving properties. At Mani Design, you can choose crystal and bead healing to help gain a healthier and calmer living.

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